Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Love Story-Dave and Juliet(concluded)

I told you yesterday that Dave finally met Juliet two days after he checked her in her hostel only to be told that Juliet had travelled. Now that they met, it was Dave who opened up the conversation. He started.
"Juliet, why did you travel without letting me know? Did I offend you? Was your trip so confidential that you couldn't tell me? What is the matter?"
Now Juliet replied, "Dave, we cannot talk here, you might need to give me some time and so I can sort some things out. Probably, we can meet in the evening after school hours"
Dave could not concentrate in the class for the whole day. It was as good as not attending the class at all.
To cut the whole story short. They met in the evening and it was Juliet who did most of the talking this time around. She continued..
"Dave, what you told me the last time we met caught me as surprise. (You could imagine how Dave would feel. Surprise? Negative or positive?), I had always been seeing you as my brother. I know you are caring and loving to me and to everybody around you. I always thought in my heart at times, that any lady that happened to be your wife must be very lucky. I was shocked to hear from you that you are in love with me. Even though I love you personally but 0ur culture does not permit brother and sister to marry each other. Dave, I wasn't sure of how close we are family wise. I had to quickly rush home to make some enquiries about our families. It was when I got home they made me to understand that my father and your father happened to be friends right from their youths. The relationship was so close that my father usually preferred to discuss confidential matters with your father. So, when they wanted to build their houses, they decided to build them adjacent to each other's. The story is long. I will be given you the detail next time.
"Now back to our discussion, Dave, now that I am aware that we are not my blood relation, I don't have any reservation to becoming your would be wife. I never meant to hurt your feeling."
They hugged each other for quite a long period. Acording to Dave, it was a day he could never forget in his own life. That was how they started dating.
Back home, their parent were extremely happy hwen they learnt they their children would be marrying each other. What a joy to the two family! They had their wedding two years later. Since then, they have been enjoy their marriage and God has blessed them with three children.
This brings us to the end of the story. Watch out for another exciting story.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Love Story-Dave and Juliet(cont'd)

This is a continuation of the story I started yesterday. if you are just joining, try to read the previous post so that you can flow with this love/dating story.
I told you that Dave invited Juliet to the sport complex where he opened up to Jane that he was in love with her. So, what was Jane's reaction. Dave was very eager to hear from jane. He was looking at her eyes as if the words would come from her eyes. There was a silence; the type that had never happened between the two of them ever since they had grown to know each other. What could this silence mean? "Could it be that silence means acceptance? Could it be that she was dissapointed to hear such from me? Would I have been more logical in my presentation? All these are the questions going on in my mind, Dave said.
Dave continued, 'I tried to ask other questions which are not related to the subject in discussion but it was like I was talking to myself. None of my questions received an answer or even a nod. We spent almost thirty minutes there until she excused that she would like to go to her hostel to prepare for a lecture. After that day, she was avoiding me. All my effort to see her face to face proved abortive."It was on the weekend that followed our discussion that I summoned courage to go to her hostel. On getting to their hostel, they told me that jane had travelled in the morning. The detail of her destination they could not tell me. Where did she go? Did she travel with the guy I used to see her with? all these were the questions coming up in my mind"
Not to bore you with the detail, Dave and jane finally met two days after dave went to her hostel. So when they met, what happened? Where did jane travelled? What was jane's disposition to Dave? See about this tomorrow..

Monday, August 13, 2007

Love story-Dave and Juliet

Dave and Juliet happened to grow up in the same locality. They started friendship as far back to their childhood. Though dave was older than Juliet but their relationship was so close then that people around them mistook them to be twins or at times brother and sister. They went to the same school but different classes. Dave was a senior to Juliet.
How did they become husband and wife? It was when they were in the university that their seemingly brother and sister relationship took another dimension. Dave confirmed that even though he didn't have intention of going into dating with her "sister" but he found himself always being jealous any time he caught Juliet with a guy. It was glaring and noticeable to Juliet to the point that she had to ask him if there was anything wrong moving with a guy, after all she was now an adult.
According to Dave, "it was at this time I knew that I was actually in love with Jane but it was difficult for me to discuss it since she saw and took me as her brother. Even, everybody in the school saw me as her brother.
"I needed to do something quick at this juncture, otherwise I might lose jane to another man. jane was conservative but she was on the look out for a serious guy who she could see as her future partner. I knew that once Jane made up her mind for a guy, it might be difficult for me to convince her again.
So, how do i manage the situation? I became sick and the sickness was actually emotional. Jane was very caring. It was one day she came from the class that I told her that i needed to discuss something crucial with her.
We agreed to take a stroll to the sport complex. It was there I told her straight without mincing words that "I love her". I have said it before I thought that I would have been more diplomatic about it".
What was jane reaction? Watch out tomorrow for answer!